Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Memorandum between Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and the Anticorruption Bureau under the President of Russian Federation.

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On 23rd September, at Ha Noi, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh and H.E Mr. Plokhoi Oleg Anatolevich, the Director of Anticorruption Bureau under President of Russian Federation had carried out the signing ceremony of  the Cooperation Memorandum between Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV) and the Anticorruption Bureau under President of Russian Federation (ABPRF) on the occasion of the first working visit of the high-ranking Delegation of ABPRF.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, GIV’s Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh insisted that the good friendship between GIV and ABPRF would significantly contribute to realize the cooperation “The comprehensively strategic partner between Vietnam and Russian Federation”. Simultaneously, He expressed the hope that this visit of the Delegation would be the precious opportunity for both sides to discuss, exchange the practical experiences on direction, management of the anticorruption works, which contributed to enhance the capacity and power of the state management, strengthen the publicity, transparency and accountability in the public duties in each country.​​​
ky ket ngaviet.pngAfter the signing ceremony, both sides started the friendly and open talk meeting. On behalf of GIV, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh briefly introduced to the Delegation of  ABPRF the function, duties, organizational structures and foreign relation activities of GIV. 

On behalf of GIV’s leaders, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong shortly informed the Vietnamese socio-economic development situation and anticorruption results for the recent time. Accordingly, the Vietnam’s socio-economic situation had been relatively stable and developed for the first 9 months of 2014 with some highlighted results such as the relatively higher ODA disbursement rate in comparison with the same period of last year; stable price; ensured goods supply and demand; quite high budget collection; stable foreign currency market, high-rising foreign currency reserve; more focused complaints and denunciations settlement; strengthen anticorruption works etc.
dc Luong ctn nga.jpgAt the talk meeting, The Delegation of ABPRF also informed that the number of criminal corruption cases sentenced in Russia had been up to 16 thousand cases. This showed that the Russian Federation law might be very strict, especially in dealing with corruption cases. Besides, the fine money that corruptors had to pay would be 100 times of the money they had corrupted. IMG_1831.JPGBoth sides raised many interesting questions to discuss and exchange the experiences on anticorruption in both countries such as the controlling of and banking accounts in the foreign countries of the high-ranking officials and officials holding the position in Russian Federation; the officials’ ownership of real estate in foreign countries; the reasons why the corruptive assets recovery rate was still low etc. According to the Director of the ABPRF, all the officials, leaders of state corporations were not allowed to own the banking accounts in foreign countries and from 1st July 2013, any one who were discovered to own the banking accounts in foreign countries would be dismissed; officials were allowed to own the real estates in foreign countries in case these real estates’ budget origin had been declared clearly.

tong ttcp nga viet.JPGAnswering the question why the corruptive assets recovery rate in Vietnam was still low, the Deputy Inspector General said that due to the weakness in the assets and incomes management, the assets and accounts blockade and attachment, the corruptive assets were dispersed and hidden quickly by the corruptors. Besides, the Vietnamese Criminal Code and Anticorruption Law were still different: currently, only 7/12 corruptive behaviors had been criminalized, the corruption in the private sector had not been paid enough attention. Both sides had discussed and shared the obstacles, challenges and practical experiences on anticorruption works. 

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To conclude the talk meeting, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh expressed the sincere thanks to the useful and precious information and experiences shared and provided by the Delegation of ABPRF. He also suggested the proposals relating to the  annual delegation exchanges for learning the experiences on anticorruption, the review of the cooperation memorandum execution for setting up the plan, finding out the measures to promote the execution; hoped that the ABPRF made the consideration on the ability of coope​rating with GIV to develop the medium-term training program in Russian Federation to enhance the working capacity of GIV officials. The representative of ABPRF Delegation said that the ABPRF would be always willing to share the experiences with GIV.                    toan canh nga viet.JPG

                                                       Dao Phuong