The history of the Special Inspectorate - the previous organization of Vietnamese Inspectorate

In the early days of  the people governmental construction, President Ho Chi Minh and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam  received a numerous comments which were reflected by letters, petitions or meetings to express the strata’s  willingness to terminate early the phenomeons, wrong actions of some members in the machinery of government at all levels, especially at the locals. From that fact, on October 4th, 1945, it was the first time governmental council meeting raised a point to establish inspectorate organization. While waiting for a decree to establish the Committee of Inspection, the Government entrusted the superior to judge the inferior and offered Ministry of Interior to establish a Administrative Committee of Inspection to investigate the administrative work in the locals.

13/11/1945, Governmental Council agreed with the proposal about organizing Government Inspectorate Committee of Pham Ngoc Thach comrade to dispatch to the locals, this committee had a right to bring people who made a mistake to judge in a special court. After discussing, Government Council decided to give Mr. Pham Ngoc Thach  to draft a proposal for the organization and operation of the inspectorate and set  up a committee of  Inspection in each inspection under the administrative authority Inspectors appointed by the Ministry of Interior. The Committee had a right to find those who did wrong and commend those who do well .
14/11/1945, Government council met to discuss a proposal to establish the special inspection which is drafted and presented by  Mr. Pham Ngoc Thach .After discussing, Council decided to enact a decree to establish a special Committee of Inspection of the Government.
After a period of preparation for procedures, documents and personnel, in 23/11/1945, President Ho Chi Minh signed Decree No. 64-SL establishment of the Special Inspectorate. Next, in 31/12/1945, President Ho Chi Minh signed Decree No. 80-SL to appoint Mr. Bui Dang Doan and Mr. Cu Huy Can to the special inspectorate. Because of the immediate demand, the task of the Special Inspectorate is regularly study and solution of application, letter of complaint and the reflection of the strata from the locals to sent to the Government and President Ho Chi Minh.
Parallel to the establishment of a special inspector, in the last months of 1945, in the beginning 1946, Government directed to establish the inspectorate in some ministries such as: Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Department of Agriculture, the Northern and Southern Inspectorates. Depending on situation, the organization and duties of inspectors  differed.
In general, Special Inspectorate Committee which was granted big and heavy  powers was born in a particular historical circumstances of Vietnamese revolution, it was not only a regular tool of the people democratic government but also the important task of reassuring, uniting the people, and making the whole strength of nation in the national protection and liberation. After being appointed in Special Inspectorate, Mr. Bui Dang Doan was appointed  as a department manager of Special Inspectorate. At the same time, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter directly to recommend Mr Bui Dang Doan and Mr. Cu Huy Can to the locals to create more credible and favorable operating conditions for the Special Inspectorate Committee.
The first job was the thorough study about the application, letters from the strata and intellectuals from everywhere.
Special Inspection Committee came to Ha Nam to meet and hear directly some people arrested and detained in the province presenting and wishing to propose. The Committee consulted with the Ha Nam Provincial Committee and decided to return freely to more than one-third of more than 60 people in custody. With a reasonable settlement, the first inspection caused strong feelings in the people, making people understand and trust in the government and President Ho Chi Minh. In the last months 1946, the Special Inspection Committee continued to settle a number of cases by the application, letters of complaints and  reflection of the people.
Almost the matter solved with the form of criticism, warning and recommendation to the officers who had made a mistake. At this time, the activities of the Special Inspection Committee mainly occurred in northern and northen central. It was considered that this was the time to establish and begin the operation of the inspection. People in the inspection force, from the Special Inspection to the Inspection Committee, the country is very small, there were no system of closeness and regular operation, handling work was much more concurrent nature.
Inspite of  a few operation, the cases solved by the Special Inspection Committee had a typical nature and related to many aspects of social life. Through the in people clearly saw that  the Government and President Ho Chi Minh always respected the voice, the demand, the legitimate aspiration of all classes and severely punished anyone who had done wrong policy of the Party and Government, thereby it promoted discipline and the law of the land.
In the innumerable difficult situation, the Government jobs through inspection activities  actually caused the confidence in the classes of people and  encouraged the people to gather in the front line fighting to maintain and build the revolutionary government, prepare resources for the war against the French colonialism./.